The health and well being of our students, instructors and community is of the utmost importance to us. 
On account of the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation, all courses are suspended until further notice. 

However, we are working from home and are happy to correspond with you via phone, text, DM or email. 

Stay safe everyone.

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Modern rider education and advanced training for a safer, confident and joyful ride.

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Modern rider education and advanced training for a safer, confident and joyful ride.

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Modern rider education and advanced training for a safer, confident and joyful ride.



  • Motorsoul Riding School is a Non-Profit organization
  • ˜Motorsoul uses Motorsense, an innovative instructional curriculum, developed by founder Ginny Allen.
  • ˜Students learn special strategies and tools (ride with S.O.U.L. and ride with C.A.R.E.) to help them better manage traffic and ride safer.
  • Provides modern training tools and techniques for more effective learning and development.
  • Focuses on building a strong foundation before moving to advanced approaches and techniques.
  • Video analysis of techniques is carried out on site.
  • ˜Small groups mean a more intimate and beneficial learning environment.
  • ˜Training is available on a variety of motorcycles.
  • ˜As a Motorsoul Alumnus, you remain connected to the community post-graduation.
  • Higher ratio of instructors per students for more one-on-one coaching.
  • Ministry of Transportation approved motorcycle safety school


Motorsoul Riding School was founded by Ginny Allen. An avid rider since 1997, she became a licenser/examiner for the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) before developing her own ministry-approved motorcycle training program.

Ginny is also a Motorcycle Demonstrator Rider for the MTO, and Serco DriveTest (the only female demo rider on the training team). Demo Riders are highly trained and specialized riders, used in the training and re-certifying of all M Examiners in Ontario.

In 2013, Ginny fulfilled her long-time dream of launching a riding school that addressed the gaps she identified throughout her years of teaching.

She believes anyone can ride safely if they have the opportunity to learn the right tools and strategies, but getting your motorcycle licence is just the beginning.

“Riding a motorcycle safely, requires different strategies than operating a car. This is what Motorsoul is all about – not only teaching practical riding skills, but also helping people learn to be a responsible and smart rider”.


Motorsoul Instructors. Photo: Mondo Lulu

Our extremely talented instructors have experience in motorcycle racing, street riding, trail riding, enduro, motocross, demo-riding, motorcycle mechanics and just plain ol’ having fun!!!!

COVID-19 UPDATE: all courses are suspended until further notice. 

QUESTIONS? We're working from home and are happy to correspond with you via phone, text, DM or email.

Motorsoul runs training courses between April and October, rain or shine. Please click on "Requested Course Date" field on the registration form to view and select course dates.

Remember, the in-class portion runs on the Thursday night before the weekend course.

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    Honda Grom Artworl. Drawing by Mondo Lulu

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