“Just wanted to thank you for a really fabulous weekend at Motorsoul. You and your team are tremendously supportive, I love your smart approach, and I’ll be sure to spread the word. Many thanks again!”
~ Michaela N

“Thanks to you, for turning what could be a routine, formulaic and stressful circumstance into what felt like a community of people showing friends how to get the most out of an incredible machine!”
~ David

“I just wanted to thank you again Ginny, and all the instructors for a great weekend and all the help you gave me to get through the course. I saw all the extra assistance you gave to anyone that needed it . You and your staff really go above and beyond to help your students. Much better experience than when I went to the college to do the course. Motorsoul was great and I will be coming to you for my M2 exit! ”                                                                                                                      ~ Rosemary L

Thanks for a great course and weekend!! First class and very educational”
~ Hugh H

“I always felt like I had the information and confidence to approach the task at hand. You have something special with this program. Keep up the great work.”
~ Chris G

“I would recommend anyone considering a motorcycle license to sync up with the gang at Motorsoul. Walking into the class, I was somewhat concerned over how easy it would be to ride and was nothing but surprised. No doubt, a testament to how the instructors structured the class providing expert guidance to novice and skilled riders alike.
One of the most important and interesting themes was with respect to safety. It was eye-opening to learn that so many of the things we see riders on the road doing are a hazard. Aside from learning how to ride, I’m most grateful for some of these invaluable nuggets of info!”
~ Lindsey M

“Overall, the course made a newb like me who’s never touched a bike feel comfortable operating one and knowing that I now possess the necessary skills to enjoy learning to ride even more.”
~ Peter B

“It was absolutely fantastic! After getting home on Sunday and sitting for a bit, I wanted to get back down to you guys and do it all over again!”
~ David S

“I thought the positive reinforcement was what really kept me going; hearing what I was doing right, followed by tips of the mistakes I had madeI REALLY loved how you guys helped me build my confidence! AMAZING!!! I felt very supported the entire time!”
~ Emily G

“The brilliance of what Ginny has created at Motorsoul Riding School is not only her creativity flow that is clearly seen with her memory enhancing acronyms, you also find her brilliance in the crew she has brought together and her resonating charisma echoes beautifully into the Lakeshore atmosphere where she presents to you a SOLID Motorcycle Teaching Style. I had a wonderful experience at Motorsoul Riding School, in case you did not catch that by now…lol…and i cannot say enough about Ginny as an instructor. LUV LUV LUV what you helped me achieve Ginny and I will keep on practicing too, so I can join in with your community of riders and take group rides with you all!
~ AySes D