A GOOD rider NEVER stops learning.

Becoming proficient requires effort, whether it is riding, playing golf, tennis, etc. Just as people spend great amounts of time, money and effort improving their golfing skills, so should they apply the same consideration to road safety.

Many riders think the key to better riding is better equipment and modifications. However, better equipment only makes it easier to ride at a higher level if the rider has developed the skill to ride at that level. The speed and capabilities of modern motorcycles now far exceeds the average rider’s ability.

It’s up to YOU to continue your rider development. Reinvest in yourself!


Big bike handling course

Work on techniques and skills for handing your large motorcycle.

Cornering Clinic

A more in-depth look at dissecting a corner and the techniques involved in proper cornering.

slow-speed control clinic

Learn the secrets of balancing and manoeuvring a motorcycle at slow speeds.

maintenance clinic

Learn basic maintenance and work on your own motorcycle.

passenger riding clinic

Learn how to be a safe passenger on a motorcycle.

traffic management course

Learn the basics of traffic management by developing special tools and strategies. Your enjoyment and your safety depends not only on the art of motorcycling, but also on the realities of the traffic around you.