Our Founder

ginny motorsoul pic final

Motorsoul Riding School (a non-profit organization) was founded by Ginny Allen. Starting as an avid rider in 1997, with raw talent and a passion for the sport that earned her early recognition as a rising star in the instructor ranks, quickly becoming a licenser/examiner for the Ministry of Transportation before developing her own ministry approved motorcycle training program.

Ginny is also a Motorcycle Demonstrator Rider for the Ministry of Transportation (and the only female demo rider on the training team), as well as for Serco DriveTest.  A Demo Rider is a highly trained and specialized rider who is used in the training and re-certifying of all M Examiners in Ontario.

Her long-time dream was to launch a riding school that addressed the gaps she identified throughout her years of teaching.  She believes anyone can ride safely if they have the opportunity to learn the right tools and strategies. She developed her unique curriculum to train differently.

Ginny  believes that getting your motorcycle licence is just the beginning. Safely riding a motorcycle requires specialized techniques and takes continued learning and responsibility. “You need to learn motorcycle safety (which has different strategies than operating a car) and this is what Motorsoul is all about – not only teaching practical riding skills and techniques for better handling, but also helping people learn to be a responsible and smart rider”.

GInny is a trailblazer, not only in her unique approach to training, but also as a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated business.