Motorsoul is committed to practicing safe riding habits and so the wearing of appropriate protective gear is mandatory.

Participation in training is conditional on wearing the required safety gear.
Students are required to provide their own safety gear. (Gear may be brought to the in-class theory session for evaluation).

Why wear gear?

  • ˜it can prevent or reduce serious injury in the event of a fall (helmets reduce the severity of head injuries)
  • ˜it provides or improves comfort
  • ˜it protects from the elements
  • ˜it improves visibility


★ Required gear for Motorsoul courses

  • Approved helmet – DOT, Snell, ECE, CSA, or BSA;
    (Unacceptable: unapproved helmets or those whose integrity is compromised);
  • Gloves – leather, covering the wrist bone or motorcycle specific gloves;
    (Unacceptable: mechanic’s gloves, fingerless gloves, cloth motorcross gloves, fabric gloves, gloves too short to cover wrist bone)
  • Jacket heavy denim jean jacket, durable long sleeve jacket, leather jacket or motorcycle specific jacket;
    (Unacceptable: suede, wind jackets, soft-fashioned leather)
  • Boots – sturdy boots covering ankles (hiking boots, work boots, motorcycle specific boots);
    (Unacceptable: high-top sneakers, flimsy leather, Blundstone boots with elastic over the ankle, boots below the ankle)
  • Pants heavy denim jeans (no holes or tears) or motorcycle specific pants;
    (Unacceptable: ripped or very worn jeans, too short to cover ankles, below the hips)
  • Additional Items – rain gear, warmer clothing to layer, hat for sun or cold, water, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, other clothes to change into after training, lunch money and parking money.


★ Waiver Policy

As with any recreational or sporting activity, participants must sign a liability waiver prior to any course. A minor waiver, signed by a parent or legal guardian, is required from those under the age of 18. If the participant does not agree with the terms and conditions of the waiver, he or she is free to leave and any payment will be refunded.


★ Cancellation Policy:

Withdrawals:  Any cancellation of a course must be made seven days before the course start date or longer to receive a refund, less $100.00 administrative fee + tax.

There are no refunds for early withdrawal during a course once it has started.

Transfers:  Any transfer of a course will be considered with seven days notice or longer (one-time transfer).

If you fail to attend your scheduled course without notice, you registration fee is forfeited.


★ Retest Policy:

Motorsoul offers one retest at no charge within the same season as your licensing course if you are unsuccessful. This retest must be pre-booked. If you miss a booked retest without notifying us, the rescheduling fee is $50.00 + tax.